Tinteiro Comp. Epson T0714/T0894 YL


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• Para uso em: Epson
• Cor: YL
• Fabricante: Genérico
• Tipo: Tinta (Ink-jet)
• Capacidade: 13 ml
Compatibilidades: Stylus 78; Stylus 91; Stylus 92; Stylus CX4300; Stylus D120; Stylus D120 Network Edition; Stylus D120 Professional Edition; Stylus DX4000; Stylus DX4050; Stylus DX4400; Stylus DX4450; Stylus DX5000; Stylus DX5050; Stylus DX6000; Stylus DX6050; Stylus DX7000F; Stylus DX7400; Stylus DX7450; Stylus DX8400; Stylus DX8450; Stylus DX9400 WiFi Edition; Stylus DX9400F; Stylus Office B40W; Stylus Office BX300F; Stylus Office BX310FN; Stylus Office BX3450F; Stylus Office BX600FW; Stylus Office BX610FW; Stylus S20; Stylus S21; Stylus SX100; Stylus SX105; Stylus SX110; Stylus SX115; Stylus SX200; Stylus SX205; Stylus SX209; Stylus SX210; Stylus SX215; Stylus SX218; Stylus SX400; Stylus SX400 WiFi Edition; Stylus SX405; Stylus SX405 WiFi Edition; Stylus SX410; Stylus SX415; Stylus SX510W; Stylus SX515W; Stylus SX600FW; Stylus SX610FW.
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