Tinteiro Comp. Brother LC980/LC985/1100XL BK


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Compatibilidades: DCP 145C; DCP 163C; DCP 165C; DCP 167C; DCP 185C; DCP 195C; DCP 197C; DCP 365CN; DCP 373CW; DCP 375CW; DCP 383C; DCP 385C; DCP 387C; DCP 390CN; DCP 395CN; DCP 535CN; DCP 585CW; DCP 595CN; DCP 6690CW; DCP J125; DCP J140W; DCP J315W; DCP J515W; MFC 250C; MFC 255CW; MFC 257CW; MFC 290C; MFC 295CN; MFC 297C; MFC 490CN; MFC 490CW; MFC 495CN; MFC 495CW; MFC 5490CN; MFC 5890CN; MFC 5895CW; MFC 6490CN; MFC 6490CW; MFC 670CD; MFC 670CDW; MFC 675CD; MFC 675CDW; MFC 6890CN; MFC 6890CW; MFC 695CDN; MFC 695CDWN; MFC 735CD; MFC 735CDW; MFC 790CW; MFC 795CW; MFC 930CDN; MFC 935CDN; MFC 935CDWN; MFC 990CW; MFC J220; MFC J265W; MFC J410; MFC J415W.

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